Arsenal instead of BVB? Wenger wanted Sancho!

Jadon Sancho fascinates not only the BVB fans, but the entire football league. The offensive star of Borussia Dortmund came as a 17-year-old for around eight million euro replacements from Manchester City and is now loosely worth the twelve bucks. A lucky touch for the black eyes!

Arsene Wenger, the former team manager of FC Arsenal, has now revealed that he would have liked to have lured Sancho to the capital of England before moving to the BVB.

“I wanted to commit him because he did not play in Manchester City. I tried to convince him because he’s from London”, Wenger betrayed “beIN Sports” and added: “But in the end nothing has come of it.”

The now 19-year-old Sancho finally joined the Dortmund and scored seventeen goals in sixty games in the dress of the BVB and scored 27 hits.

Reason enough for Wenger to praise the right-hand side in the highest tones: “He scored goals in sixty games in the dress of the BVB 17 and scored 27 hits.

is one of the best players of his generation, can dribble and has a certain arrogance in his game. He has something that could make him a great player.”