Angry Alonso threatens Vettel with crash

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are not in love at the moment in formula 1. In the Free Training at the Grand Prix of Mexico, the two former world champions got together for the first time.

Vettel then scolded Alonso for being an idiot.” At the Grand Prix of Brazil 2016, there was a reunion: Sebastian Vettel settled in the duel between the two and pushed Alonso off the track. The driver announces that he will be driving into Vettel in a repeat accident.

After his turn the Ferrari pilot was about to work his way through the field again. For a long time Vettel was stuck behind the Spaniard, who in turn could not overcome Felipe Nasr. Vettel first passed the McLaren pilot in the narrow turn of the 43. This was positioned for the next quick left turn Mergulho outside the Ferrari. As we know, the outdoor railroad offers a lot of grip in the rain and the attack did not seem inevitable. He was able to pull almost to the same height as the Ferrari, but Vettel was able to stretch far out to take the ideal line for the Juncao curve. Alonso had to go through the exit zone.

“One day we have to drive into him”

“Next time I will crash him and he loses more points than I do,” curses the 35-year-old after the race. “Next time I will crash him and he will lose more points than I do.” One day we have to drive into it so that he understands that the line does not belong to him alone.”However, he will let it go through his head again, finally he gives to think:”When it rains, you never know if one of the opponents will see one. I had to dodge. Luckily there was no wall or anything like that.”

Vettel and Alonso have a history of pushing and overtaking beyond the track: 2012 had Vettel driven the Ferrari pilots in Monza over 300 km/h off the track at that time and received a penalty for it. A year earlier Alonso had taken a similar action with him in the same place. If he has a choice between a wall and a Vettel, he will probably prefer to drive into Vettel, announces the McLaren pilot. Place ten no satisfactory exploits Not only in the action with Sebastian Vettel was Fernando Alonso at the center of the event at this crazy Formula One race in the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace. The Spaniard was one of the many world champions who lost control of their boulders in the rain race. At the last left, he circled to rank eight from the track and fell back to square 17. After that, he fought spectacularly forward again and in the last fifteen rounds he did no less than seven cars, To become even more tens.

A counter for McLaren is not enough

Satisfied he is still not: “We started as a tenth and arrived as a tenth –despite some failures ahead of us. We must seize our opportunities in races like this.”In a race where Clean and Manor score points to go home with only one counter, there is clearly not enough for Alonso and McLaren. Racing instructor Eric Boullier congratulates him on the spectacular catch-up: “That was brilliant, because he demonstrated all his speed, courage and passion.”

Alonso, by the way, joined those who considered the track conditions too harsh, to race: “You could not see anything and the drainage on this track is so lala. We had a lot of water planning, but luckily we were able to finish the race. Alonso now hopes for a good finish in Abu Dhabi –as far as possible without bumping into Sebastian Vettel.