Also funny: Rosberg’s return to F1

On the last few metres back to his old world Nico Rosberg has a strange feeling. In the grey summer jacket, the World Champion in Monaco has been flanking for the first time since his resignation through the starting lineup and reveals: A special experience, but also funny.”

Three times Rosberg has won the mad race in his constituency, This time he follows the hectic drive just before the red lights go out like a noble fan.” Of course I would like to go five rounds again, that would be fun, but otherwise I am in the clear,”says the 31-year-old.

Upset Rosberg World Champion Jerome Boateng explains the fascination Monaco, shakes Bavarian goalie Robert Lewandowski’s hand and exchanges a few words with his old boss, Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche. Last time Rosberg had followed the race series, which had determined his life for eleven years, only on television. I’m still really excited about the launch. I think my body still thinks he’s going,”the native Wiesbaden told the TV station”Sky”.

Living apart?

Elsewhere, after more than twenty years in motor sports, Rosberg completely changed his perspective and has also become rare on the track in recent months. Having more time for the family, the champion had mentioned this at his shock resignation shortly after the title win as a weighty reason for his decision. As evidenced a few days ago, he announced that he will soon be a father for the second time.

Even his former Formula One employer Mercedes has long opened a new chapter, of longing for the World Champion is not much to feel. The climate between Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton was too poisoned. They had separated. As in a failed marriage, one day the point has come where one can get annoyed with one another and then turn it into dislike,”said Niki Lauda of the”Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntag Zeitung”.

Rosberg tiefenetensit

So the silver camp also feels a little liberation after Rosberg. Hamilton had come as “another person” from the winter break, changed from employee to team member, team leader Toto Wolff reports. Finne Valtteri Bottas, who is committed to replacing Rosberg, meets the expectations of the team leader and maintains a much more relaxed relationship with Hamilton. They respect each other, that will remain so,”Lauda assured.

Rosberg also seems interested in an end to the ice age with Hamilton. The German recently tracked down his former cartel buddy when he accidentally caught him jogging in London. London, Berlin, Portofino, Cannes- Rosberg is still on the move a lot. As a motivational speaker, as a promotional figure or simply as a party guest on the Red Carpet.

And what is the plan for the future? The former racing driver Rosberg is interested in autonomous driving. Development and technology has always been a passion of mine, much draws me in this direction,”he says to the BBC. But he’s in no hurry. Nico Rosberg left the fight against the clock in his old life.