Alonso wavers: No NASCAR and Rallye plans

It is well known that Fernando Alonso enjoys side jobs in the Le-Mans scene and in the IndyCar business. On the other hand, the McLaren pilot has no interest in Intermezzi in the NASCAR series or in the rally business.

The cars and the demands on the fields are too special for him to cloud the prospects of success. They would be the bigger challenge,”says Alonso about the US stock cars.”The The cars are unique in NASCAR. I do not have any plans at the moment.”

This also applies to the rally scene, where Formula One colleagues Kimi Vrikkunen and Robert Kubica tried with manageable success. Alonso did not, however, scare off her example, but a ride with old master Carlos Sainz, on whose passenger seat he rode over gravel at a show event in Madrid some time ago. I thought I was going to die that day,”Alonso jokes. After I had survived, I realized:’Rallye is beautiful’for rally drivers.”

The 36-year-old is clear that with his background as a track specialist with the aces of the scene, he cannot keep up:”I will never achieve this precision and this level of madness,” Alonso waves off and makes it clear: “I am on racing tracks at home, not on the ground.”

Further Indy-start is not excluded

Carlos Sainz jun, son of the world champion of the same name and two times Rallye, considers the gap between Formula 1 and Offroad elite impossible.” I have a lot of respect for rally drivers. Like Fernando, I have felt in my own body what they are doing,”says the Renault pilot, and does not want to make a comparison with the father at all:”For a while I come to his times, But in the long run I would have nothing against full throttle on a whole stage.”

Alonso stands for his general interest in other series despite the cancellations –also thanks to the new McLaren boss Zak Brown, who allows him more excursions to other cockpits than his predecessors.” I have tried for eight or nine years and have had no success with any of my bosses,”Alonso suggests that formula-1-sizes such as Ron Dennis or Stefano Domenicali used more restrictive policies in Ferrari. Zak understands that motor sports are more extensive than one might think.”

Incidentally, that one day he will start again with a Honda drive at the 500-mile radius of Indianapolis, it is not excluded after the formula-1 debacle with the Japanese and the separation of McLaren.” The relationship with Honda was always good and it is still good,”says Alonso.”The relationship with Honda was always good.” I talk to them about a long-term partnership with regard to my card school.”