Alonso tells: Then comes my biography

Actually Fernando Alonso wanted to tell his story already 2018. But it did not come to this: The autobiography of the two-time Formula One World Champion has still not appeared in the bookstore. Why, Alonso explained this in an Instagram interview of his team Alpine.

In it Alonso said: I have been working on a book for several years. I was actually going to publish it 2018 on the occasion of my departure from formula 1. But then we postponed the book again because it became clear that I continue racing, in different series. And now I’m back in formula 1.”

In fact, Alonso has been following various motor sports projects since 2018, with success: He won, among other things, the 24-hour Le Mans and the WM title in the long-distance World Cup (WEC), He also participated again in the Indianapolis 500 IndyCar series and also participated in the Rallye Dakar car rating adventure. Since 2021 he has been driving again in formula 1.

When the autobiography will appear

“The book will come when I stop”, says Alonso. His career is not yet in sight. What is clear is that Alonso is under contract with Alpine until at least the end of 2022. His autobiography will not be published before that.

The title for it is already written: “Racer” has also been announced to the bookstore for “September 2022”. Alonso’s current statements suggest that this publication date could be postponed again.

As another reason for the continued waiting for the book, Alonso calls that in his biography he not only “my experiences”, but also wanted to describe “my truth”.

Alonso: First to finish a career, then…

And further: “If the book came out now if I still denied races, it might be a little strange. That is why I prefer to finish this chapter first and then tell about my life in motor sports.”

Alonso had started to play cards as a three-year-old and had for the first time gone on the racetracks with a formal sound. After a year as a test driver, Alonso 2001 entered Formula One as a regular driver. He became World Champion of Renault there.

Alonso won 32-victories and 97 podiums at over 300 Grand Prix competitions.