Album Out at Red Bull for now

Alexander Albon seems to have until the end of the season 2020 time to secure his stay in Formula One and at Red Bull.

No specific timetable has been set, team leader Christian Horner explains, because Alex’s contract allows us, to make this decision only after the end of the season”.

That Red Bull with Albon shows so much patience, even though the 2020 was first on the podium and is WM-ninth (Comparison with Max Verstappen: four failures, otherwise always on the podium, i.e. nine times, and WM-third), is surprising for many industry experts, but is often traced back to the Thai origin of albums.

Because the Yoovidhya family, which belongs to 51 percent of Red Bull (Dietrich Mateschitz controls “only” 49 percent), also comes from Thailand. And so Red Bull is assumed by many insiders that one gives Albon as many chances as necessary to avoid having to be accused afterwards, one has not seriously tried.

Albon, from’’, addressed directly to his connection to the Yoovidhya family, says, “You’ve always supported me in the junior series. You helped me from the beginning. I am extremely grateful to know them on board and to enjoy their support.”

The decision only after Abu Dhabi

If Horner keeps his word, Albon has four more chances to prove that the 13th races before that were not representative of his skill. The team leader says: “Istanbul Friday has been his best Friday for some time.” The comparison with the result list shows: Albon became sixth, while Verstappen was running best time. Time interval: 1033 seconds.

“We wish, according to Horner,”that Alex will fight this cockpit himself. The other cockpits in formula 1 are pretty much forgiven anyway. We can give ourselves time to make the best possible decision, and that also means that Alex will have as much time as possible. We will see what the next three or four races will bring.”

“We know what alternatives we have,”says Horner to Nico Hullkenberg and Sergio Perez.”We know what alternatives we have.” All other cockpits in formula 1 are awarded. Except one at Mercedes. But I doubt Lewis will come to us next season.”Eye-winking Nachsatz:”By the way, you never know!” p>

Points since Mugello: Albon 1, Verstappen 52

Albon has scored only one WM point since its podium in Mugello in four races. Hiding collected 52 meters during the same period, and without the tire damage in Imola it would probably have been more 67 or even 70. The only other team where the distance between the teammates is similar is Ferrari.

“Mugello”, says Albon, “was the last race with a good result. But it hasn’t been that bad since. Qualifications have not changed much, they are just as always, if they have not even gotten a little better. But sometimes I lose a little in the start phase, and then you get stuck in traffic.”

“Mugello was better because you can overtake there. But if the front car in one group dictates the pace for everyone else, it’s just gonna be hard. That’s the reason,”argues Albon. In Istanbul, it’s easy to overtake. My goal is to further qualify me and then drive a good race. There is much more to say.”