After video proof: Slovenia announces protest

The dramatic 25:25-remit between the German and Slovenian national team at the Handball-EM in Croatia could have a repercussion.

As the leaders of the Slovenian association announced shortly after the turbulent party against the selection of the German Handball Federation, Further details are not yet known. There is no reaction from the European Handball Federation.

The German Handball Association said: “The referees have used the possibility of video proof and have examined the last few seconds intensively. Your final decision complies with the rules. The athletic disappointment of our opponent whether we understand the dramatic player, but we look forward to a protest from the Slovenian delegation.”

Tobias Reichmann transformed in the final second a seven meter to 25:25, However, this was only given after a minute of discussion and a video decision by the Lithuanian referees.

After the Slovenian Blaz Janc had taken seven seconds before the end of the 25:24 for the WM third party, everything seemed lost for the DHB selection. However, the Slovenian players did not keep sufficient distance from the draft. The referees looked at the scene for minutes on the screen, then they gave seven meters.

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