After the descent: Claire Williams is considering resignation

In qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sergei Sirotkin drove the slowest time. Lance Stroll took off the front wing in a Q2 crash and starts as a 15-year-old. It’s just another chapter of Williams’ongoing crisis as the worst team 2018 so far. Team Deputy Chief Claire Williams is thinking about pulling the hat, If necessary.

Of course I have already thought about leaving,”she is quoted by”The Sun.” But not because I don’t want to do it to myself anymore. I wonder if I’m still the right person for the job. But I haven’t gotten to the point where I look in the mirror and think I’m the problem. If I’m being criticized in car parks or social media, that’s okay. But if someone at Williams told me to my face that I was hurting the team, I would go.”

Claire Williams has been the contact in the team since 2013. Her father, the founder and owner of the team, Frank Williams, has been stepping into the background over the years and has been unable to lead the team for health reasons.” A few months ago, I had a long talk with my father,”tells Claire Williams how involved her father is still. He was much more understanding than I thought.”

Frank Williams supports his daughter

“I thought he would say: Jesus, what are you doing. But he got very philosophical and said:’Claire, we had to go through such shitty times before and we did it. You must keep fighting. I’d like to repay him for trusting me. I don’t want to embarrass him and let the team fall. In Budapest, however, the family has to face another disappointment. Although the drivers had been looking forward to taking a chance in qualifying under chaotic wet conditions, it was not for them at all. Sirotkin describes that each time he missed the timing with the tyres between intermediates and slicks. Stroll admits that he misjudged the conditions and got on the edge too much, which led to his turning.

Both pilots regret the qualifying performance, since Hockenheim they can report a much more balanced car. The prospect still looks bleak. With only four points of profit from the first half of the season they already have a lag of fourteen meters on the clean team. It all looks like Investor Lawrence Stroll is leaving the team together with his son and is also going to be the main sponsor Martini.

Collaboration with Mercedes is not excluded

Close cooperation with Mercedes is currently under discussion. There is talk that you can get gears and rear-wheel suspension from Mercedes in the future. But the team does not want to give up their independence.

“We will never be anybody’s B-team,” says Claire Williams. “We will never be anyone’s B-team.” We are very proud of our position in this sport and want to protect it. We’ve been driving here for over forty years and a lot of people have volunteered for this team. But we are looking at what we can do about collaborations. We also do not want to be the dinosaurs who refuse to adapt.”

And finally she herself does not want to throw out the towel so easily:”I will not give up. We are ten and it is up to us to change that. It’s a tough process and it’s also very embarrassing. But we go out every weekend with the same fighting spirit and keep fighting.”