After the debut season 2016: The construction sites of Haas

With 29 meters and place eight in the World Cup table 2016 Haas has not only left Renault, Clean and Manor behind, but also the best debut year of a newcomer since the beginning of the 2000s. At the debut in Melbourne, Romain Grosjean won a sixth place. Even though the performance was rather fluctuating after that and Esteban Gutierrez was somewhat unappreciated towards the end, team leader Gunter Steiner is satisfied.

It was not a bad season,”the South Tyrolean says in a conversation with””. Of course, there is still a lot of air to go up, but for the beginning they have done well.” We have mainly learned how to tune the vehicle and how to adjust the mappings,”Steiner explains further. It did not always go smoothly, but “if you make mistakes, you always learn to do it”.

Whether mistakes in strategy, reliability problems and the persistent brake defects that Haas repeatedly threw back: These are things that a newcomer has to contend with. Steiner admits: “Yes, there were more problems than we would have liked. But these are things that we need to get our grip on.”This applies especially to said braking difficulties.

Haas argues with brakes and tires

“I do not know if Ferrari also has problems and only the drivers do not say it publicly. We have problems and the driver says it,”says Steiner, looking at the close cooperation with Scuderia on the technical components of the VF-16. The team leader welcomes the fact that the drivers often complained loudly about the car – Grosjean sometimes called it”unthinkable”.

“This is part of it. That’s what makes sports interesting when we talk about it. It’s part of the show. If we don’t talk about the technical problems, we’ll never have an audience again. We want to bring back a little passion,”Steiner says. The South Tyrolean has already designated the largest construction sites for the upcoming Formula One season. One of them is tyre management.

“This is still a problem. We know which components on the car are not very helpful. Especially the rear tire overheats quickly. That is why we are stronger under cooler conditions than under hot conditions,”he explains. Also in the development of the car one wants to increase, but with budgetary restrictions: “Also 2017 we will not have the same number of updates as the big teams.”

Continue close cooperation with Ferrari

” and work closely with our partners. Is it gonna be better than this year? Yes! Will it be as good as Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari? Nope. We have yet to grow, we do not have the budget and the people,”Steiner continues. But he still does not want to beat over the strings, but we are still keeping it together. We have genes (Haas; Amen. d. R.) said what it would cost, and we have kept to it. If you ask for more money every five weeks, trust is lost. We didn’t, and I hope it stays that way.”The team started developing for 2017 early. But Steiner dares not make a forecast.

In view of the far-reaching changes in the formula-1 regulation, it is almost impossible to predict the power ratios: “The problem is that I do not know what the others will do next year. I think we’re doing our job pretty well, but that doesn’t mean it’s good enough. There is a completely new regulation, which is the same for everyone. But we do not know what everyone makes of it.”

For Haas, the biggest change in aerodynamics will take place. Everything else stays more or less as it is. The parts still come from Ferrari, we don’t have much influence on that anyway. We do the chassis, we hope to improve ourselves,”Steiner shows himself confident. This should allow even more Q3 entries and point entries.