After 16 years: Ferrari thanks to Vettel back in front

Sebastian Vettel freed Ferrari in Monaco from a censorship and gave the Scuderia the redeeming first victory since 16 years in the principality with a flawless ride and a little help from the command post.

Vettel won races on Sunday before his team rival Kimi and built the lead in the WM class in front of Lewis Hamilton scored 25 points, the Mercedes star was only seventh after a very weak qualifying.

Vettel thus stepped into the footsteps of Michael Schumacher, the record champion had won exactly sixteen years and one day before last for Ferrari the most prestigious race of the season. At no Grand Prix of the current calendar the Reds had been unsuccessful for so long. Vettel also benefited from the tactics of his team, which led him past Pole-Setter rackets in the second Ferrari.

The car is fantastic. In the final two rounds I gave everything. The car pointed it,”Vettel sparked at his box.”The car pointed it.” It was incredible, a very intense race. The team did a fantastic job. In the case of pit stops it was not possible to plan much,”Vettel performed after the cup delivery. The questions were asked by the retired world champion Nico Rosberg. Pole-Setter rake queens explained with a stoned face: “Place two is not so great. It was one of those days when more would have been in it.”

Lots of celebrity on the edge

Third Australian Daniel Ricciardo became the Red Bull in front of Mercedes pilot Valtteri Bottas from Finland. For the first time in about a year, no silver arrow pilot has been on the podium. Nico Hullkenberg in the Renault was early eliminated with transmission problems, Pascal Wehrlein had to finish the race after a spectacular accident: McLaren-man Jenson Button, who replaced Fernando Alonso for an Indy-500 starter, a difficult overtaking manoeuvre and lifted Wehrlein’s cleanliness into the band.

The most brilliant race of Formula 1 had again attracted countless celebrities this year, so the world football champion Sami Khedira, among others, swarmed on Sunday afternoon, Bavarian star Robert Lewandowski and ManUnited coach Jose Mourinho through the starting lineup. And of course, the retired world champion Nico Rosberg was on his way to the trailer park, he lives in Monaco. Fifteen minutes before the race the celebrity was driven away by the starting line as usual, the tension rose and as the red lights went out, “Iceman” line queens remained cool.

Hamilton with little space

The Finnish put down the best start of the top riders, Vettel did not get off very well from second place, but could keep Bottas in check. About 100 meters later, Hamilton entered the race with at least a small experience of success, when one of the few drivers made a good position at the start and was first twelve.

Afterwards, however, he turned his laps on the course much too narrow for overtaking manoeuvres relatively helplessly. Even after qualifying on Saturday, the mood had been chilly at Mercedes. Niki Lauda had spoken of a “catastrophe”, and Hamilton had little desire for the most popular race of the year. I’m glad when this is over,”he said. Ultimately Hamilton slipped forward through a good boxing strategy at least a few places.

Overall, the race was slow ahead of him for a long time, at the top of the race kings and vettel had a calming lead on the trackers. The greatest tension gradually posed the question of whether Ferrari would be drawn to a Stallord in favor of Vettel.” No, I don’t want to do that,”the German had replied sharply before the race.

No more changes at the top

But the tactics of Scuderia were at least suspicious. The leading rowing king was first called to change tires, Vettel was then allowed to make an unusually large number of fast laps before he had to go to the box, an d with this advantage he got back on the track just before the Finning. This had been noted and must also have been clear to the Ferrari te am.

In the following, however, Vettel was also much faster than the king of the line and expanded his lead, among other things through Wehrlein’s accident the field behind the safety car came together at the end

nothing changed at the top.