Adviser betrayed: Denzel has numerous offers of top clubs

The riddle of the future of Schalke-Keeper Alexander Niezel continues. The keeper’s contract expires at the end of the season. Whether he stays with the royal flowers is in the stars. Recently, a consultant has spoken to his patron.

By January, Alexander Nuel is not allowed to conduct negotiations with other clubs, said consultant Stefan Backs in the “Fever Pit’ch” podcast. Alex is completely in line with contract. Before committing to Schalke, he must first have the chance to listen to other things in concrete terms.”

However, the 22-year-old already knows”which club has a concrete interest”, added Backs. However, details of a possible new contract could not yet be given.

The fact that Nutel has aroused the interest of several top clubs also betrayed Backs. So he explained, “If he agrees to a club, he’ll cancel five, six other clubs that have rank and names.” FC Schalke also made a “very, very good offer,” said the consultant, who at the same time emphasized “several options” of the goalkeeper.

The signature of the Schalker Captain depends “on the sporting perspective, but also on personal things. Alex is already interested in playing as high and international as possible. Alex looks closely at how the development is being driven on Schalke.”

“One or two clubs probably have no chance”

Where it attracts the German U-national player in the summer is still completely open, according to Backs. However, “one or two clubs are probably hopeless,” said the consultant. The FC Schalke, who is informed about the current status, is not one of them.

According to Backs, it is also possible that with his decision, he still has time and his new club respectively. does not announce his stay in Gelsenkirchen already in January: “Before he commits himself, he must have the chance to hear in concrete terms what possibilities he has.”

Niezel himself promised only a few days ago that he will not let FC Schalke spin unnecessarily.” I’m grateful the club gave me the time and didn’t set a limit. I take this time,”said the closing man, who in the past has been associated with FC Bavaria and Borussia Dortmund, among others.