Accelerator at the crash site: Alonso’s emotional return

75 days after his mysterious accident, the time for Fernando Alonso’s emotional return has come. For the first time since the events of February 22nd, the Spaniard will again move his Formula One car over the Circuit de Catalunya.

I am not worried, have full confidence,”said the McLaren pilot before the first training rounds on Friday for the fifth season race near Barcelona. Alonso, however, is stopped by an inflammation of the eyes. Even at the World Federation press conference, he wore sunglasses on the advice of his doctors. I try to be ready for the weekend,”Alonso assured. Finally, he was “very happy” to present himself at home to his loyal fans. p>

Alonso has not forgotten that painful February Sunday despite the anticipation of home games. The 33-year-old has invited the hospital’s medical staff to a dinner for Sunday after the accident on the test trips.” They were so nice to me,”he said. The Asturian had to spend four days in the clinic at the time, because of the repercussions he was not allowed to travel to Australia for the season air raid.

It is still unclear why Alonso came off the asphalt in curve three at that time and bumped against the line boundary. The FIA has not published the results of its investigations. Alonso and the McLaren team disagreed in their presentations.

Confidence-building did not work, even though Alonso apparently continues to enjoy working as an accelerator for McLaren’s revived partnership with Honda’s engine builder.” The Fernando we are working with today is an incredibly motivated and inspiring man,”team president Ron Dennis praised the new approach.

Abandoning is officially the bitter break of 2007, when Alonso deeply offended and ended his first McLaren adventure in a fight after only a year. After his disappointing time at Ferrari, where he pursued the title in vain for five years, the British racing stables offered the escape route.

Driven by his childhood memory of Ayrton Senna’s journeys in the once dominant McLaren-Honda, Alonso saw the chance, In the tenth of his career, he still ranks among the greatest in the Grand Prix sport. But the path to it is still further than originally thought. McLaren failed in the first four races. The distance is so great that the team leader has long won the goal of winning in the season track.

“We are all adults and committed to this project. Nobody panics in this hard time, even if it is very easy,”said Alonso. Team leader Eric Boullier assured that the racing stable has made clear progress on the reliability and speed of the MP4-30 in the good two-week break since the Bahrain race.

The new black paint alone will not frighten the competition, but Alonso also expects a definite boost in the next three World Cups.” I feel an enormous confidence in the team,”said Alonso. In order to win, however, he will certainly not be able to go with him, he warned his fans before the trip to Catalonia. It has been two years since Alonso was on the podium for the 32nd time and until now the last time. It was the 12th of May 2013, at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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