45 people injured: Hertha speaks of “catastrophe”

Hertha BSC is in close contact with the police and the BVB after the heavy clashes between Berlin fans in Dortmund.

“It is also in our interest to quickly identify the perpetrators,” one club spokesman said one day after the game. “It is also in our interest to identify the perpetrators quickly.” We will analyse the events both internally and the reasons for the police intervention with the forces of law and order,”the Berlin football federation had previously emphasized in an official statement. Violence scenes against the police were “unacceptable”.

Hertha trainer Pal Dardani spoke the day after the 2nd of the Capital Club at the top rider Borussia Dortmund of a “very dangerous thing” that burdened the club.

“Violence does not belong in the stadium. It’s about all the fans, it’s about football,”said the Hungarian. Already the ignition of pyrotechnics was a “very borderline thing”, Dardani stressed: “You can’t do that. If they set themselves on fire, it’s their own business. But there are also children going to the stadium and many families.”

Preetz wants to identify the perpetrators

Gut 100 Berlin fans had attacked policemen in Dortmund with fists and kicks and smashed them with broken flags. The police had tried to remove the banner of the Ultragruppe Capital mafia, and used pepper spray.

According to the Dortmund police, 45 people were injured, 35 of them by pepper spraying.” It’s a disaster. This is a very bitter hour for football and for Hertha BSC,”Hertha manager Michael Preetz.

The Berlin fans are now facing a reprimand. The police in Dortmund set up a commission of inquiry, which announced first successes. The perpetrators were said to have been “extensively videographed”. However, whether the chaotics can also be identified remains more than questionable, because most of them were disguised.

“We will do everything we can to identify those responsible,” said Manager Michael Preetz. Pyrotechnics does not belong in the stadium.

Banner: “15-year capital mafia”

With the beginning of the game the Ultras had repeatedly ignited pyrotechnics on the North Tribune and put the stadium under fog. Also unaccompanied visitors increased respiratory injuries. Finally, the police stepped in to remove a large banner (“15-year capital mafia”). Officials suspected that further pyro material was hidden under the banner.

The fans are “holy” but the situation escalated. The Ultrass went after police officers, flagged the officials and threw them with burning Bengalos.” This behaviour was consistently prohibited by the use of pepper spray and batons. A part of the flag has been secured,”the police later reported.

In the half-time break, according to police reports, the Ultras left the bloc and retreated under the bleachers. There they allegedly completely destroyed two large sanitary facilities and attacked police forces with detached toilet doors and sanitary ceramics.

BVB fan project questions police intervention

But there was also criticism of police action. Lawyer Rene Lau reported on Twitter that several of the fans involved had reported to him about a “totally over-zealous police operation with pepper spray and clubs”. And fans who wanted to leave the stadium had been prevented by the police.

The Dortmund fans had shown solidarity with the Berlin supporters during the riots and stopped supporting their team.

In a letter to the NRW police the association wrote Fan Project Dortmund e.V.:” This kind of harsh police intervention leads to more than four times the number of injured, if the proportionality is urgently questioned. In particular, many police officers have expressed their incomprehension about this operation to us.”